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5 Tips To Choose Fresh Fish Every Time


When they ask me which is the best tasting fish, my answer is: The freshest!

Freshness is a key factor when it comes to the taste of fish.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard of people who do not buy fish, because they can’t tell if it’s fresh or not.

So I thought I should put together a few tips on how to choose fresh fish every time.

However, there is a shortcut that can help you skip all the below tips.

Have a good relationship with your fishmonger and they can choose for you.

1. The Smell - Fresh fish does not smell fishy!

Fresh fish smells like the sea. You should be able to smell the salt and seawater. 

2. The Firmness Of The Flesh

This for me is the most foolproof way of telling how fresh fish is. Ultra fresh fish is extra firm.

Press the flesh with your finger and it should bounce back.

Or grab a fish by its tail and hold it upright, so the front of its head faces the ceiling.

If it stands, you’re in for a treat.

3. The Slime

Run your fingers over the fish skin. It should have a natural slime.

A saliva-like substance that sticks to your hands.

However, if the fish has been washed thoroughly, it is most likely not to have that.

4. The Eyes

The eyes should be shiny, bright and clear.

However, there are occasions where the fish has been resting on ice and the eyes lose that shine. That doesn’t mean it’s not fresh.

5. The Colour of the Gills

The gills should be bright red or pink. If they’re brown, the fish is on its way, if not already, out.

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