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Birdman Athens


The food at Birdman is what you want bar food to be, but never is.

Located near Syntagma square, which means as central as it can get in Athens, Birdman describes itself as a a Japanese pub and grill. 

Birdman cocktails
Birdman Beef Gyoza

I don’t know about you; but most of the times I order food at a bar, I regret it. That is because I end up stuffing myself with lots of frozen, deep fried and microwave heated junk.

Please allow me to exclude proper Italian aperitivo from the above generalisation, but that’s a story for another time.

What sets Birdman apart is that the food menu is designed to compliment the drinks menu, and, most importantly, work in a bar setting. 

Birdman Kawa
Birdman Tuna Ceviche Don

All the meat is organic and the cuts come from a mix of Greek and international breeds. 

Obviously, since they claim to be a Japanese pub and grill, everything is grilled on a robata grill.

You can enjoy most of the food without cutlery and the portions are built for tasting.

Go with friends to try out as many things as you can. We went as a group of 4.

My highlights were the Iberiko Katsu Sando and Riburo-Su Kushi. (Sorry, no pic for the latter)

You can check out Birdman here.

PS: I did not get paid to write this blog nor did I get a free meal.

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